Vår kära kund Sebastian, efter en fin premiärtur i helgen! Tack för fotot Sebastian. Bling 🤩 bling #fatscooters #skövde
Legends are among us. Not all heroes wear capes. #fatscooters
Our stock for March is sold out! Current production to delivery lead time for the new generation Fatscooters is about six weeks. Get yours in time for spring. And take our word for whatever you see on the market, looking similar, is no where near in performance. We got the No 1 LG batteries, a new better motor with faster acceleration, noiseless controller and of course the new iconic design in aluminum. Email or DM the shop for inquiries. #fatscooters
Rosso Tesoro #fatscooters
Kul på jobbet!!!! @kodjoakolor @ericsaadeofficial @marikacarlsson @sdfinerofficial @liamoolapreach @bisharamorad
Supertalang eller vadå? Så sjukt imponerade @bisharamorad #fatscooters #bisharamorad
Men se vem dyker upp där igen, @sofiadalen 🤳🏼❤️❤️❤️ under en oförglömlig koreografi av @benjaminingrosso till @wiktoriajohansson 💃🏼 #fatscooters #benjaminingrosso #wiktoriajohansson
Tagga en kompis som kör lika bra som @benjaminingrosso @felixsandman #kärlek #fatscooters #spotifysweden #spotify
”Det är lugnt” @felixsandman @benjaminingrosso #fatscooters #spotify #spotifysweden
Need for speed is real. #fatscooters Such a careful rider @benjaminingrosso #spotify #benjaminingrosso #spotifysweden
@spotifysweden ans @benjaminingrosso does a instagram take over. We wanted for that! What can possibly go wrong? ❤️ #spotify #benjaminingrosso #spotifysweden #melodifestivalen
#Repost @nanotruemusic with @get_repost ・・・ Ibland så måste man få bara vara 🤗 typ glida runt en heldag 😂 #NoMore #ChasingRivers @fatscooters 🔥@nanotruemusic #nanotruemusic #fatscooters #melodifestivalen
Check that out. #Repost @melodifestivalen Vad är viktigast? Att @nanotruemusic får repa eller att Melodifestivalen får riktigt bra innehåll på instagram? @calvinbozic & @sofiadalen vet vad de väljer iaf 😂😂😂 Förlåt @nanotruemusic #fatscooters
Geniet bakom kulisserna. Varje år ännu bättre. @hencevz
🥳 Melodifestivalen 🥳 #fatscooters
Gear up! Det fantastiska produktionsteamet har rullat hela veckan i friends arena för melodifestivalens final ikväll! #fatscooters
May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. Tag a queen of fucking everything. #fatscooters #internationalwomensday #internationellakvinnodagen
Ikväll: Helig Moder Tour 🥇🤟🏼 @silvanaimam / bring your bitches #silvanaimam #heligmoder #heligmodertour #fatscooters
Lets talk about colors of spring. #fatscooters
Yes, you will always look good Stockholm! If you are new to follow us, heads up. Our production is very small but No:1, so make sure not to miss your piece of awesome with a fat discount. Thanks for your fantastic support! #fatscooters #stockholm #elscooter
Vi hjälper dig att hitta rätt elscooter inför våren! Hör av dig till oss, och få lite guidning på vad som passar dig. #fatscooters
First blue to Skövde. Endless happy riding Sebastian! If you are the first person in your city to buy our new model, we will hook you up with a nice discount. #fatscooters #skövde
We are getting ready. Are you. Pledge your pre-order early and save money. #fatscooters
“Visionary.” -★★★★★ #fatscooters
We encourage you to contact us for more information about our products and/or partnership opportunities. #fatscooters
This is the Classic Black Matte. #fatscooters
The Italian Rosso. #fatscooters
Its hard to say no to this color #fatscooters
Track walks with @fatscooters. Getting to that point—when the TV cameras go live and the starter waves the green flag—only takes place after one of motor racing's lesser-known practices has been completed, and it's unlike anything else in sports. The team can dedicate hours to the simple practice of walking the course and analyzing their version of a winding playing field. Where is the best grip? Which areas that offer the least traction? #fatscooters #silverstone
Watch out for us on the race circuits this year. Happy to be choosen of the pros who set the highest bar on quality and performance. And make sure to follow @fredrikblomstedt and @sebastianarenramracing #racing #fatscooters #silverstone