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The devils is in the details. Fatscooters Generation II has 60 percent more battery life, even wider tires, and the ultralight aluminum chassi. 99% of all electric cables are integrated fully in the frame. making it unique just there to all other electric scooters. The smart stealthy display on the handlebar and iconic front led light is significant for Fatscooters. 

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Best thing I bought

I upgraded myself for a Generation Two Fatscooters. Its awesome. The only problem is that all my friends want it


Coolest ride is here

I am amazed how well this thing is built. The low weight with this self balanced frame make it the best ride among electric scooters. Its designed to make you happy. 


The design is just so clean!

My new Gen 2 feels good and support even larger riders. What i love most is the new powerful motor. I also love the integrated battery pack, it’s stealthy.


Fantastic service 

I was looking for a vehicle that could make my A to B fun and stressless, I really value how well I been treated by the company and I know that I am in safe hands, my Fatscooter will stay!


Feels like a new superpower.

Generation Two is comfortable, fast, elegant and with iconic looks. It got excellent performance and immense accuracy thanks to the self balanced frame. 


No Noise. No pollution.

Many mass copied electric scooters look like us but have low build quality. If you settle for nothing but the best and enjoy owning world-class products that define excellence, you're in the right place.

Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two
Fatscooters Generation Two

Fatscooters Generation Two

Regular price 23 900 kr

The latest generation of our Fatscooter is in 100% aluminum with a weight of only 42 kg. The construction is self-balancing and the most well-built electric scooter in the market. The battery, engine performance and design are now world class.

Portable battery: 48V20Ah LG
Aluminum frame
Keyless ignition
Matte black mudguards 
Speed up to 25km/h with small motor 
Speed up to 45km/h with big motor 
Distance: 45-60 kilometer
Weight: 42 kg including battery
Shipping costs may apply depending of delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fatscooters help me find the ❤️ of my life?

Maybe, but it will cost you.

Are they legal?

All models have EEC & COC certificates according to EU directives, so yes they are road legal.

Are they difficult to drive?

Riding the Fatscooter isn’t complicated. You’ll just need to brush up your balance and reflexes and become familiar with your model. With a little practice, and caution, you are able to get the hang of riding, turning, and weaving in and out of traffic, in no time. 

Where should I ride my scooter?

On the road and in the bike lane.

Is the battery waterproof?

The controller and battery is waterproof, meaning it can withstand both rain and snow.

How fast can they go?

The Fatscooters can provide you to ride 25 km/h (EU class 2) or 45 km/h (EU class 1). There more speed you use the more battery consumption.  

Why can’t they go faster?

The intent of the electric scooter is to serve as a road legal cruising vehicle and that includes the speed that it can travel.

How far can they go?

Depending on batteries our electric fatscooters have a range of 30-60 km and that depends on the riding conditions (hills, headwinds, etc.), how fast you go and how much weight you are moving (yourself + cargo).

How much power do they have?

Our motor ranges from 800 watts to 1200 watts.

How long production time is it.

About 20 days from order to finished bike. We specialize in custom made vehicles where all our aluminum frames har carefulle hand made and fitted with electronics and motors in the same factory line by our staff. This is not a mass produced vehicles and quality takes effort.

How do I know how much battery is left?

Checking battery level is simple. Just tap the display to view available battery life.

What about helmet laws?

Local laws and regulations are different. You are responsible for helmet laws and electric assist vehicles laws. Please consult your local Departement of transportation for specific information where you're riding.